CASE STUDY: How Bing Media Generated 1,674 Home Builder Leads and over $1,500,000 in New Home Sales for Ironwood Homes Over the Last 90 Days With Only $2,940 in Facebook Ad Spend 

Posted: August 24, 2020

The Challenge

By Q1 2020, Ironwood Homes, a spec home builder based in Fredericksburg, VA, had already established themselves as a successful local spec home builder.

They did however want a larger percentage of the homebuyers' pie and to also become the prominent spec home builder in their local area. 

This translated into the following objectives:

  • Establish a greater local presence targeting prospective home buyers
  • ​Generate leads for new home builds
  • ​Have a follow-up strategy that maximizes lead conversion and establishes omnipresence
The Strategy
To meet the above objectives, Bing Media Group implemented the following strategies:
Find Local Audience
1. Install Facebook Pixel on website and setup Google Analytics to analyze traffic and find customers more easily

2. Create engaging promotional video content that quickly calls out the ideal audience

3. Run advertisements for top-performing video content

4. Retarget those that watched a large percentage of each video with paid content and promotions for home builds

Discard What's Not Working & Double-Down On What Is
1. Utilizing multiple creatives and ad copy, we quickly turn off ad sets not performing and double down on the ad sets that are performing very well

2. Once the Facebook Pixel is seasoned and the video content viewer audience is large enough, we focus primarily on lead generation campaigns

3. Simultaneously run a branding campaign for top-performing content to those that interacted with the lead form or visited the website in the last 30 days, warming them up even more to the brand and the faces behind the brand

Implementing Highly Effective Follow-Up Strategies
1. Using Bing Media's in-house CRM software, new leads are added to the pipeline and followed up with by text, email, phone call, ringless voicemail, and Facebook Messenger. 

2. All calls and conversations are recorded to constantly analyze and improve. 

3. Leads are placed in to different follow-up campaigns based on traffic source and level of interest to maximize relevancy

Retarget & Establish Omnipresence 

1. Establish multiple "bottom of funnel" marketing campaigns for site visitors new and old, as well as those that interacted with a lead form

2. Analyze lead conversion statistics inside Bing Media's CRM and track which campaigns generated new home builds 

3. Maximize ROI; rinse and repeat

Facebook Ad Campaign Metrics Last 90 Days for Ironwood Homes
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